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    SCX Tools is a set of Linux utilities for Skype. All the utilities work as addons for the Skype client communicating with Skype using public Skype protocol. At the current (early beta) stage only call recorder is available.

SCX Recorder v. 0.6

SCX Recorder is a Skype call recorder for incoming and outgoing calls. Calls are saved as wav, Ogg Vorbis and Speex files. SCX Recorder may be instructed to start record calls automatically whenever an incoming or an outgoing call is initiated and the recording stops when you or your partner hangs up. You can also start and stop recording at arbitrary moments and use pause mode to interrupt an ongoing call recording for some time.

The source code archive contains the README file where you will find instructions on how to compile SCX Recorder. After you have compiled the program you can place its executable file (scx-recorder) in any directory where you want it. Start your Skype client, log in to Skype and than start scx-recorder. Skype addon can only connect to the Skype client if the Skype user is already logged in to his Skype account. If you start SCX Recorder for the first time you will see a dialog asking you to allow the scx-recorder program to connect to your Skype client. Click OK.

When started for the first time SCX Recorder displays a dialog box where you can set up such program parameters as the directory where the records will be stored, the record file name template, the audio output device, and a data output format. You can change all this settings later if you want. Note that for encoding audio data in ogg and speex formats SCX Recorder uses external encoders - oggenc and speexenc. They should be present in your system if you want to save the records in these formats.

Now you are ready to record your Skype calls. If the «Start Recording Automatically» checkbox is set SCX Recorder will start recording whenever you call somebody on Skype or somebody else calls you. You can use Record, Pause, and Stop Buttons to control your recording process.

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